Monday, August 30, 2010

Lara Veronin and Chase Chang - I'm Yours

Share a nice song~i like it sooooooo much~I'm yours~

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Go Green Today!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Honeymoon And Genting

Having black sesame dessert and Tong Yuen at My Honeymoon at Sunway pyramid~
Nice to eat..Sweet and yummy yummy.I like to eat black sesame dessert.

Went to Genting Highlands with my family during Chinese New Year.
Having fun and sweet memory at Genting Highlands.
Is really cool as weather lately is too hot.
Genting is a great place to recommended.

My Birthday present

I got a Mickey T-shirt from my jojo, dardar, and yongyong~~
Look,we have wear the same shirt. Same mickey~~with same color~
Who don't know we are BFF??!
I'm appreciate our friendship forever~

Yum Cha at Kaki corner

Saturday night, went out dinner with brother and his girl friends.
Having crab and seafood meal.
After that, going Kaki corner yam cha.
Had ordered fruit salad, mash potato, apple juice, and honeydew juice.
Mash potato is very nice,i LIKE it!!!
Fruit salad is worth to ordered. Just because it is quite large amount with reasonable price.
Had a very fun saturday night~

CNY: Best Buddy Reunion Dinner

Before CNY, I had join a reunion dinner with my best buddy at Umami steamboat restaurant, which located in Sunway.

It is a nice place to snap picture. Because of its design of restaurant is quite nice.

It facilitated with air-condition, so it doesn't as hot as other steamboat place. It is a great place for gathering.

Besides that, foods there are very fresh and tasty.
Umami steamboat restaurant is really a great place that can be recommended to be a gathering place.

We had a happy and great momory at Umami steamboat restaurant.

The way we spend our time during food lab

I like to snap photo.
I snap photo anywhere and anytime.
Because photo can keep as memory in the future.

This is the way we spend our time during our food lab.
Look at our apron look~~
Cooking is nice~~
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